About us

We founded Master HR because we are eager to provide customers with high quality services. Our mission is to support companies in building and developing their structures. By selecting the best possible candidates with desired skills and professional qualifications, we ensure that your business develops well. We are on the market since 2004 but in 2016 we decided to focus solely on the field of Human Resources. We provide recruitment services, training sessions and employer branding. In our job, we believe in a swift course of action, good communication and constant development. We believe that wonderful companies need superb employees. Our individual approach to customer’s needs helps us support your company’s development. If you are ready for the next step into the future, do not hesitate to contact us.

Katarzyna Raczkowska,

Managing Director – Master HR


Our services


We are an experienced and creative group of experts in recruitment and personnel consulting. Thanks to focusing on each customer, and a smooth communication style, we act fast and we are effective. A deep respect for our customers and their professional histories guarantees that Master HR provides the highest possible level of services in recruitment of employees for various markets.

Master HR - we recruit the best ones!


We provide a variety of training sessions and workshops for companies and institutions. Master HR’s training sessions are perfect for companies that wish to promote broadening of professional qualifications of managerial staff as well as their personal development. Constant care about improvement of all the companies we works with is one of our greatest assets. Upon request, we are happy to prepare a complex analysis of your company’s needs, which will include a list of suggested trainings and recommended experts. We can easily and efficiently organise particular workshops and trainings either on your company’s premises or elsewhere.

Master HR - we train with the best ones!

Employer branding

We are well aware that in order to enlist the best employees available, companies need a strong and appealing image. What Master HR offers is a long-term cooperation and support in building a strong brand and image of your company as a valuable employer.

Master HR has experience in organising and leading recruitment campaigns with the use of new media and tools (recruitment film, advertising spot, animation).

Building a company’s image very often relies on the use of new tools. In the era of multimedia, a film or a short video clip which can be used by more than one medium can be especially helpful in this process. As we all know, a good image is worth a thousand words. Thus, a video is a quick and efficient way to reach the audience. With images and sounds, a video presents an interesting and straightforward way to show what we care about the most. There are diverse ways and film forms which in a simple way allow us to create a company’s desired image. Intriguing, funny or beautiful videos can captivate potential employees a long time before they begin work for your company. This is why we would like to invite you to cooperate with Master HR. Together we will prepare videos which are to appear on your company’s website,   social media profiles and other online platforms. These videos are also great for job fairs and business meetings.

Master HR - we create with the best one!

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